Before you can install the package, you need to have a suitable Python environment installed. If you don’t have Python, follow these instructions before attempting to install PyConTurb.


PyConTurb requires Python 3.6+. All other dependencies are installed during installation.

Optional packages to, e.g., run the example notebooks or develop the package can also be installed. See instructions below.

Normal user

We generally recommend installing PyConTurb into its own environment. Instructions are provided above.

  • Install the most recent, stable version of the code:

    pip install pyconturb
  • Update an installation to the most recent version:

    pip install --upgrade pyconturb
  • Install a specific version on PyPI:

    pip install pyconturb==2.6.3
  • (Optional) Install packages to run the notebook examples on your machine:

    pip install jupyter matplotlib

Advanced user

Please see the installation instructions in the Developer corner.