pyconturb._utils.interpolator(points, values, xi)[source]

Interpolate points in D dimensions.

This function is based upon scipy’s griddata function, but it has been expanded to handle single points and points that fall in a line. It is used in certain profile functions for the wind speed, turbulence standard deviation, and spectrum for interpolating the values calculated from con_tc to the new requested points. See examples of its usage in the Interpolator example.

  • points (ndarray of floats, shape (n, D)) – Data point coordinates. Can either be an array of shape (n, D), or a tuple of D arrays, each with shape n.

  • values (ndarray of float or complex, shape (n,)) – Data values.

  • xi (2-D ndarray of float or tuple of 1-D array, shape (M, D)) – Points at which to interpolate data.


intp_val – Array of interpolated values, shape M.

Return type